RIDE Information Services
  Transportation Report - Definitions and Instructions
  data last updated - 6/9/08
School bus
  A vehicle that is used for transporting children to or from school, and for special trips involving school activities.
Service vehicle
  A vehicle that is used to service school buses that experience mechanical problems.

Seating capacity

  The maximum number of students that can legally be transported on a school bus.
Daily Service
  Those bus routes that are established to transport students to and from school daily.  The normal transportation services of any given day.

Number of transportation vehicles owned

  Report the number of school buses, or service vehicles that are owned by the school district, city or town, or by a private profit making company.

Public ownership

  Includes vehicles that are owned by the school district, city or town.  All vehicles whether they are used or not should be reported.

Private ownership

  Includes vehicles that a private company uses to transport students for the reporting district.
Number of vehicles purchased during the year for pupil transportation
  Report the number of vehicles purchased from July 1st through June 30th for the school year covered by this report.  School districts that contract with private firms should have that firm determine how many new buses were purchased to fulfill that contract.

Transportation operations: daily service

  Report the number of buses actually used to transport pupils to or from school.  Do NOT include special trips involving school actives.  The figures reported should be the number of buses that would be used to transport students.

Number of pupils receiving services

  Report the number pupils transported on an average day to and from school.  Do NOT count any pupil more than once.

School bus accidents

  Report only accidents in which a pupil was fatally injured.