State Metadata Management System
Because of the complex school environment and the need for essential information for making instructional placement and student services decisions, the inclusion of data elements in this dictionary reflects on the State and federal data collection, analysis, storage and reporting requirements. Each district or school planning to collect and maintain information about individual students MUST determine how the data are to be maintained, and who will have access to the data, taking into consideration federal, state, and local laws and regulations. The principle use of this meta-data repository system is to provide a consistent and reliable means of access to data. Users may use the system to search for data elements and the imbedded code-sets by keyword, entity, domain and data event names, and by program areas and data owners. State, district and school users may use the build-in tools to build record layout sheets and data submission templates. Analysts, data administrators and developers can apply the meta-data in system integration, data validations and in creation of enterprise data management and reporting systems.

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