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2012 School Classifications

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As of 2012, there are now two types of school Report Cards:
       The AMO Summary shows whether schools have met their annual targets.
       The Accountability Summary shows how a school did in several key areas. It also shows how schools are classified by RIDE.
2012 State, District and School Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs)
2012 State AMOs in Reading and Mathematics
2012 District HS Graduation Rate Targets
2012 School AMOs - Mathematics
2012 School AMOs - Reading
2012 District AMOs - Mathematics
2012 District AMOs - Reading
2012 High School Graduation Rate Targets
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Fact Sheet on the Rhode Island Accountability System
PowerPoint presentation on the Rhode Island Accountability System
Quick Guide to 2012 School Report Cards
Una guía rápida a los boletines de calificaciones escolares 2012
School Performance and Classifications
Press Release on the 2012 School Classifications
2012 School Classifications - Elementary Schools
2012 School Classifications - Middle Schools
2012 School Classifications - High Schools
Schools without 2012 Classifications
TABLE 2: Reward, Priority, and Focus Schools
2012 NECAP Reporting of State Test Results
School and District Results (summary reports from Measured Progress)