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Acquisition ID : 50 Acquisition Code: ATTEND_RATE
Title: School Attendance Rates
Start Date: Due: 9/30/2021
Date Completed: 1/27/2021
Purpose/Justification: State & federal reporting, AYP Level: Schools, districts, State
Source: Enrollment Census
Owner Office: Data & Technology Services
Owner Name: Ken Gu Phone: (401) 222-8957
Owner eMail : kenneth.gu@ride.ri.gov
Steward Office: Data & Technology Services
Steward Name: Ken Gu Phone: (401) 222-8957
Steward eMail : kenneth.gu@ride.ri.gov
Manager/Analyst Office: Data & Technology Services
Manager/Analyst Name: Ken Gu Phone: (401) 222-8957
Manager/Analyst Email: kenneth.gu@ride.ri.gov
Application Name : System:
Description: Attendance rates are computed annually for each school and district and for each building level. Attendance rates are derived by dividing the aggregate days of attendance by the aggregate days of membership.
User Guide:
File Specification Document:
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This reporting item requires the following collections:

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