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Acquisition ID : 402 Acquisition Code: GRADESOFFERED
Title: CCD Grades Offered and Graduates/Completers Survey
Start Date: Due: 3/20/2021
Date Completed: 3/15/2021
Purpose/Justification: Level: State
Source: SEA (State Agency)
Owner Office: Data & Technology Services
Owner Name: Scott Gausland Phone: (401) 222-8967
Owner eMail : scott.gausland@ride.ri.gov
Steward Office: Data & Technology Services
Steward Name: Ken Gu Phone: (401) 222-8957
Steward eMail : kenneth.gu@ride.ri.gov
Manager/Analyst Office: Data & Technology Services
Manager/Analyst Name: Ken Gu Phone: (401) 222-8957
Manager/Analyst Email: kenneth.gu@ride.ri.gov
Application Name : System:
Description: The EDFacts Metadata and Process System (EMAPS) Common Core of Data (CCD) Grades Offered & Graduates/Completers Survey is a web based application to collect data related to EDFacts Submission System (ESS) file specifications FS029 Directory and FS039 Grades Offered, to be used to determine which states should be subject to edits on the values Ungraded, Grade 13, or Adult Education in file FS052 Membership; the value Ungraded Teachers in file FS059 Staff Full-Time Equivalent (FTE); and the values Regular Diploma and Other High School Completion Credentials in ESS file FS040 Graduates/Completers. The U.S. Department of Education (ED) publishes the ungraded classes’ data as part of the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Common Core of Data.
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File Specification Document:
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