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Acquisition ID : 353 Acquisition Code: 23-24AtHome
Title: At-Home Instructed Students
Start Date: 10/3/2023 Due: 11/25/2023
Date Completed:
Purpose/Justification: Level:
Source: LEA (Local Education Agency)
Owner Office: Data & Technology Services
Owner Name: Scott Gausland Phone: (401) 222-8967
Owner eMail : scott.gausland@ride.ri.gov
Steward Office: Data & Technology Services
Steward Name: Mario Goncalves Phone: (401) 222-8968
Steward eMail : mario.goncalves@ride.ri.gov
Manager/Analyst Office: Data & Technology Services
Manager/Analyst Name: Mario Goncalves Phone: (401) 222-8968
Manager/Analyst Email: mario.goncalves@ride.ri.gov
Application Name : System:
Description: A student must have received permission from the school committee to be instructed at home according to the provisions of Section 16-19-2 of the General Laws of Rhode Island, 1956, as amended. Must be signed off electronically and the signed report needs to be emailed to us.
User Guide: https://www.eride.ri.gov/doc/dataCollections/atHomeInstructedInstructions.pdf
File Specification Document:
Other Link: Not Available

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