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Reading Supports for Multilingual Learners (ICMEE)     

Target Audience:
Educators and Leaders


Essential Question: How can I support bilingual students who are struggling with reading in English?

 Guiding Questions

• Module 1: What is different about teaching reading in English to bilingual students?

• Module 2: How can I use co-constructed texts to help my bilingual learners read texts with confidence?

• Module 3: How can Shared Reading help bilingual learners read and comprehend texts in English?

• Module 4: How do patterned texts help bilingual learners read and produce sophisticated, fluent text?

• Module 5: How can I help my bilingual learners develop a deep curiosity for the way language works?

• Module 6: Answer the Essential Question 

Further Information:

Online Modules and 1 Webinar - WIDA Secure Portal

Flavia Molea-Baker ph: 401.222.8480 email:

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