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Project AT for Teachers 2022     

Target Audience:
Special Education Teachers/Therapists who might want to learn more about Assistive Technology


This course for Special Education Teachers addresses how to integrate all levels of technology into the classroom for learners with differing abilities.  This course is for people who have NOT already taken the cohort in the past.  Through the Project AT modules, teachers will be able to:

*Use the SETT (Student, Environment, Task and Tool) Framework as a tool to help triage technology needs.

*Identify the features of high or low tech options for students with a variety of needs.

*Understand the uses of the Chromebook and a variety of apps that can be utilized to improve access to the curriculum for any student.

*Participate in a community of learners that are dedicated to the importance of assistive technology integration into the classroom.

***Participants must attend ALL 4 classes listed below.*** 

Further Information:

Virtual/Zoom classes

Kelly Charlebois ph: 401-463-0202 email:

55133/2/202204:00 PM06:00 PM150
55143/9/202204:00 PM06:00 PM150
55153/16/202204:00 PM06:00 PM150
55163/23/202204:00 PM06:00 PM150

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