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Honors Colloquium District Network Meeting     

Target Audience:
RIDE encourages superintendents, assistant superintendents, and a district team (including a special education director, an MLL director, and a union leader/other teacher leader) to attend.

This year’s meetings will continue to focus on effective implementation of high-quality instructional materials and tools for equity. 

Culturally Responsive Teaching for Multilingual Learners
Exploring the theme of equity and implementation of high-quality instructional materials, RIDE is hosting the upcoming event: Culturally Responsive Teaching for Multilingual Learners. As we continue to learn how to make meaning of the integration of culturally responsive practices in teaching and learning, Drs. Sydney Snyder and Diane Staehr Fenner, authors of the book Culturally Responsive Teaching for Multilingual Learners: Tools for Equity, will discuss the five guiding principles of culturally responsive teaching for MLLs, and take the audience through the exploration of strategies and tools for creating a culturally responsive school or district climate for MLLs. Finally, participants will be setting goals for strengthening their culturally responsive teaching within Rhode Island’s context. 

Please contact the Curriculum Team at if you have questions.

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