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Honors Colloquium District Network Meeting     

Target Audience:
RIDE encourages superintendents, assistant superintendents, and a district team (including a special education director, an MLL director, and a union leader/other teacher leader) to attend.


This year’s meetings will continue to focus on effective implementation of high-quality instructional materials. 

 The second Honors Colloquium of this academic year will be an extension to the equity conversation initiated during the March meeting. Focusing on curriculum implementation and promoting equitable high quality instruction for all students in the aftermath of a global pandemic, this convening will orient the audience to make meaning of what it means to truly integrate culturally responsive practices in teaching and learning. Tanji Reed Marshall, Ph.D., director of p-12 practice, leading Ed Trust’s Equity in Motion assignment analysis work, will introduce provocative questions on ‘why we are thinking the way we are.’ Maintaining the goal to empower and inspire schools and districts to leverage high-quality materials in planning for accelerated instruction, the objective of the session is to posit a willingness to learn “how to be culturally responsive.

Please contact the Curriculum Team at if you have questions.


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