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RICATS v2 Training     

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Carl D. Perkins recipients will report their career and technical education data to RIDE using the NEW web-based data entry collection system, called RI-CATS v2.    Training sessions for RI-CATS will begin on May 11th and end on May 20th (10:00 AM – 12:00 PM).The training session are for school RI-CATS data administrators (the person(s) responsible for the ’10-’11 RI-CATS data collection and input processes).  The sessions are limited to 10 participants per session.  Please note that the RI-CATS system has been changed and those changes will be discussed at this year’s trainings.  The trainings will provide guidance on accessing and properly using the system for this year’s RI-CATS data collection and reporting cycle.  The deadline for schools to submit ALL their RI-CATS data to RIDE via the web is Thursday, June 30th.The training registration deadline is Tuesday, May 10th.  Registration is required for the training. 

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Brenda Trudeau ph: 401-846-3832 email:

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3925/17/201110:00 AM12:00 PM104
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3955/20/201110:00 AM12:00 PM105

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