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Comprehensive ECE Programs: Session Three     

Target Audience:
Administrators of RIDE Approved Programs


Session Three in a series of Action Planning Sessions for RIDE Approved programs planning to move forward with approval for the 2010-2011 school year.  There will be a total of three sessions– the sessions will be focused in this way:


Session One:  Overview of the development process, core approval/voluntary approval, Standards One, Two, Three

Session Two:  Standards Four, Five, Six

Session Three:  Standards Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten


Each session will begin with an overview of each Standard and an opportunity to ask clarifying questions about specific Standards.  Then, there will be an opportunity for participants to break into groups to do some facilitated action planning with peers.

Further Information:

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Northern RI Collaborative, Lincoln, RI

Michele Palermo ph: 222-8941 email:

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