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11/24/2009  [RIDE] - Enrollment Census Summary Report  Deanna Raphael-State 
Please note that the summary reports will be delivered daily until November 30th to help districts identify and resolve potential data quality issues during this critical reporting period. In this report, please note the following changes: updates on submitted record counts by key program status, total duplicates, demographic errors, and other consistency checks. As noted in this document: Numbers shown are based on ALL records submitted to-date to Enrollment Census. What the columns mean: 'Baseline #s' are the average # of records submitted in past years. 'Duplicates' are counts of students enrolled in different schools/districts at the same time. 'Demographic Inconsistencies' are cases where students' key demographics (name, gender, date of birth) are not the same as in the State's SASID system. 'DOB & Grade Mismatches' are cases where students' current grades are 3 or more years off than their expected birth year. 'Enrolled Out-of-Grade' are cases where students' current enrollment are outside the 'Grades Offered' as reported in district's School Profile. How the information in the census is used: Information collected in this Census are generally used to generate roster labels for State assessments, supply detailed student demographic and program information for analyses of State test results, AYP determinations, State Aid and other mandated State and federal reporting. To ensure the accuracy and timeliness of this reporting, please make sure your enrollment records are up-to-date, critical duplicates and errors/warnings in student demographic and grade enrollment are reviewed/resolved by end of each month. See for reporting instructions, timelines, and use of Census data.