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11/17/2009  [RIDE] - Data Verification and Weekly eRIDE QA WebEX  Deanna Raphael-State 
Good morning. This is a reminder about the need to verify data and our weekly QA session at 9:30 this morning. It is crucial for you to verify that your data is correct for state and federal reports purposes. Please review duplicates, demographic differences, age to grade inconsistencies, etc... Studentís program statuses including IEP, LEP, SEC504, lunch are also critical. As a reminder, districts can use the auto fill features if desired once the program file has been uploaded. You can then verify the total counts in summary reports. If you have not sent your signed off reports in, please do so as soon as possible. Before sending in the signed report, please verify all numbers on the report to ensure data accuracy. These reports include: submission, October 1st snapshot, at-home instructed, June graduating class, non-certified staff, and school profile. WebEx: Topic: Weekly eRIDE meeting Date: Every Tuesday Time: 9:30 am, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00) Meeting Number: 687 259 750 Meeting Password: September2009 ------------------------------------------------------- To join the online meeting (Now from iPhones too!) ------------------------------------------------------- 1. Go to 2. Enter your name and email address. 3. Enter the meeting password: September2009 4. Click "Join Now". 5. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen. To view in other time zones or languages, please click the link: ------------------------------------------------------- To join the audio conference only ------------------------------------------------------- 218-486-1611, passcode 4357 (help) ------------------------------------------------------- For assistance ------------------------------------------------------- 1. Go to 2. On the left navigation bar, click "Support". You can contact me at: 1-4012228459 To update this meeting to your calendar program (for example Microsoft Outlook), click this link: WebEx will automatically setup Meeting Manager for Windows the first time you join a meeting. To save time, you can setup prior to the meeting by clicking this link: Let us know if you have any questions, Deanna