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11/9/2009  [RIDE] - Archival absentee data  Deanna Raphael-State 
Dear Colleagues, On behalf of RIDE and the Department of Health, I would like to express the greatest appreciation for the daily reporting of absentees. This timely information is a very important part of tracking the effects of H1N1 in Rhode Island schools. As you all know, this information has been deemed public. Because of that, RIDE has developed an automated system that post the reports from the schools on a daily basis. Our web site currently posts the reports from October 30, 2009. The media has also requested any previous reports from when the emergency collections started. This week RIDE will be posting the archival information to the website. In our disclaimer, we have tried to make it very clear what the term “NR” represents, so that users would not automatically assume that the District/School is not in compliance with the mandate from DOH. If the user has questions, they should call the District or school to clarify. Below is the disclaimer. “This calendar contains attendance reports compiled from data schools and districts in Rhode Island have submitted to RIDE. Please be aware that RIDE has not verified or validated this data. On days when RIDE does not report data from a school or district, the data field is designated “NR” (i.e., not reported). This can occur because of a system failure at either RIDE or the school district, a school closing, or noncompliance. Please contact the school or district for further information about NR designations.” Again, thank you for your hard work, and timeliness on this reporting. If there are any questions please contact me or Mario Goncalves through our eRIDE helpdesk 222-8400. Sincerely, Ed Giroux Director of Network and Information Systems RI Department of Education