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10/29/2009  [RIDE] - 09-10 Data Submission and Report Sign Offs  Deanna Raphael-State 
Hello, This is a reminder that districts need to start submitting their 09-10 enrollment census data if this has not been done so already. If data has been submitted, please make sure it is up to date. Please make sure that duplicates and demographic differences are resolved. It is good practice to resolve these on a monthly basis. The following two reports need to be signed off during the first week of November: Submission and October Snapshot reports. The uses of the October enrollment data can be found here under the "Critical timelines" section: Also, the following three modules are open for the 09-10 school year reporting and will be open until November 16th, 2009: 1-At-home instructed students - this is the number of at-home instructed students; and is used for state reporting. Please visit: for instructions. 2-June graduating class - this is the number of twelfth grades who are expected to graduate next June; and is used for state reporting. Please visit: for more information. 3-Non-certified staff - this is the annual collection of non-certified personnel by assignment categories employed by the school district expressed in full-time equivalents. This report is used for both state and federal reporting. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions; however, we are available for the weekly QA session at 9:30am on Tuesdays. Deanna