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9/4/2003  October membership  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
RIDE will be collecting the October membership information, tools are being developed to collect such data on the eRIDE portal at the individual student levels. We learned from the last mini-survey that most districts are able to submit/upload the student demographic information as well as their IEP, LEP, Lunch, VocEd statuses. To ensure that each district has the capacity to upload the individual student records, please respond to the following questions (by simply reply this email or email directly to Dr. Ken Gu at 1. will you be the person performing this task or someone else? does that person have an account on eRIDE? if not, can you initiate an account for that individual? 2. will you be able to upload the records in Microsoft Excel (our preference)? If so, what version of Excel? If not, what format? 3. will you be uploading the files through a modem dialup or hard-wired network? Thanks for your assistance!