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10/7/2009  [RIDE] - 09-10 Emergency Attendance Data  Deanna Raphael-State 
Dear Data Managers, This is a reminder about submitting your daily emergency attendance data through eRIDE. This is a mandatory submission, required by the RIDOH. The cutoff for this data to be submitted is 2:00PM. At that time no further attendance data for that day will be accepted. We have to do this because of the time constraints necessary in order to achieve timely analysis by the DOH. There are three methods to submit your data: 1. Emergency Attendance screen (a manual process) requires enrollment numbers by school and aggregate absentee totals by school to be entered daily; 2. eRIDE Enrollment Census (a manual process) log into eRIDE, click on Enrollment Census, 09-10 school year, Submit Data link, Attendance submission type, incremental upload, browse for the file, and click upload; 3. Automated Data Transfer Agent (an automated process) be sure to schedule the upload by 2 PM the day of the reporting and after your daily attendance has been entered for the day. Please note that submitting data with method 2 or 3, eliminates the need for method 1. In all cases this data must be submitted by 2 PM the day of the attendance report. It is important to realize that a matching enrollment record must exist for the submitted absentee record. For districts with high mobility, this becomes more critical to keep your enrollment record current. Please contact our HelpDesk 222-8400 if there are any questions about this process. Thank you, Deanna