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9/21/2009  [RIDE] - completing the 08-09 enrollment census reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to remind districts that you have until October 1st to complete the final review and sign off of the following reports for 08-09 in your Enrollment Census. 1. ADM - District Calculated & Average Daily Membership 2. ADA - District Calculated & Average Daily Attendance 3. Graduates 4. Turancy 5. Suspensions - total While reviewing these reports, please make sure that - 1. you have resolved all of the remaining duplicates and demographic errors; 2. you have used the autofill functions to sync the students' program eligibiity status if that was already planned; 3. you have used the baseline numbers and previous years' reports for consistency checks; 4. you have reviewed the reports with business managers, program and district administrators; After October 1st, you will not be able submit new data or make additional changes. Information will be used for funding and accountability analyses and for public reporting. This email replaces the previous email with the same heading that was sent out a moment ago. Contact our help desk for any questions -, 222-8968; 222-8459 Thank you!