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9/10/2009  [RIDE] - run reports as needed in Enrollment Census  Dr. Ken Gu - LEA 
Here is the latest on the types of reports you can run on demand or as-needed basis. For 2009-10, the following reports can be updated on as-needed basis. Simply click on 'Report Data', select one or more reports and run. This feature is not available for previous years' data. Submission Report ADM - Districtrict Calculated ADA - District Calculated Snapshot Report Graduates Report Dropouts Report Retention Report Student Mobility RIDE will continue to update the complete set of reports for 08-09 and 09-10 over-night, including the ones listed above. We will close the 08-09 reporting when the State completes the fiscal analyses with the submitted data. For questions or help, contact, 222-8968 Thank you!