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8/11/2009  [RIDE] - eRIDE login problem resolved  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Due to the login problem many districts experienced over the weekend and on holiday Monday, we are extending the deadline date for student enrollment data collection for fall State assessment to Wednesday August 12th. We still ask districts to use the 2009-10 enrollment Census to submit the enrollment data needed for the fall State assessment by the extended deadline date. If you are still unable to submit the 2009-10 enrollment data, please make sure the schcode_next field is completely filled for all returning students in your 2008-09 Census by the deadline date. It is also important that you NOT promote students' grades in your 2008-09 census reporting, we will automatically move up a grade for all matriculating students. Please feel free to contact our help desk for any questions -, 222-8968. Thank you!