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7/28/2009  [RIDE] - EOY 08-09 Reminder  Deanna Raphael-State 
This is a reminder that during the first week of August RIDE will be extracting data from the 08-09 Enrollment Census for State and Federal funding; other accountability purposes; and building testing labels for NECAP using the 09-10 Enrollment Census. Please make sure that you complete your 08-09 EOY reporting by August 1st. If you want RIDE to build rosters using your 09-10 Census, please make sure you submit your enrollment records by the same deadline date. If you want RIDE to build rosters using your 08-09 Census, please make sure the schcode_next field in your enrollment census core submission is updated and completed for all returning students. Reports that need to be signed off after you complete the reporting are noted with * next to the name of each summary report.