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7/9/2009  RIDE data workshops  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to inform you that RIDE is hosting a series of small group workshops on state reporting in the next two weeks, topics include - instroduction to eRIDE, RIDE's state reporting portal - an overview of the State's Student ID system (SASID) - an overview of State reporting requirements - tracking student transfers and exits - collecting student's race/ethnicity information under the new federal guidance - education statistics 101 and use of education data - completing annual student enrollment census (EOY reporting) - managing the SASID system for SASID administrators We ask State and local data, IT and program managers, State reporting coordinators/managers, especially people who are recently new into data collections and reporting, to sign up for the workshops. Workshops are offered at the computer lab on the 6th floor of RIDE. Multiple sessions are offerred for each topic. You may also choose to stay in your office and attend the WebEx sessions which are offerred simultaneously. Space are limited for each session, espcially if you choose to come to the computer lab at RIDE. All participants have to register through eRIDE. WebEx instructions and training materials will only be emailed to registered participants. To register or view the available workshops, click on Trainings/workshops on eRIDE or follow this link - Call or email our helpdesk for additional questions., 222-8968