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7/7/2009  eRIDE Helpdesk Support  Derick Ariyam 
Dear Colleagues, RIDE's Helpdesk contract with RINET ended on June 30, 2009. From this point on Mario Goncalves will provide primary support from RIDE at 222-8968. I feel confident that with the new hires in my Office, ONIS will be able to support the Helpdesk in house for the eRIDE State Reporting System, the Data Warehouse, and provide the necessary trainings during the year. We will soon be posting our EOY Reporting training schedule. Thank you for your patience in this transition. I would like to thank Jo Ann and the Staff at RINET for their excellent support of the eRIDE Helpdesk over the last year. Their partnership with RIDE has been greatly appreciated. -Ed Giroux Director , Office of Network and Information Systems Rhode Island Department of Education