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6/18/2009  [RIDE] - message sent to district Title I coordinators  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Today RIDE sent the following data request to district Title I coodinators. The reporting template can be downloaded by clicking or following this link - ----------------- memo ------------------------- Attached is the Title I Local Performance Report that will be used to report Title I program data for the 2009-2009 school year. US ED is continuing to require earlier reporting from the SEA, so please make every effort to submit this report by the due date of August 14, 2009. Please remember that the reporting period for these data is the entire 2008-09 school year. Please include counts of all students who received Title I services at any point during the school year. However, please do not include counts of students who received similar services paid through other sources of funding. Also, please be aware that there are separate data collections for 1) Homeless Children and Youth, 2) Neglected & Delinquent Youth, and 3) Public School Choice and Supplemental Educational Services. We are still awaiting additional guidance from US ED before those can be sent to you. We anticipate that that will be later this summer. Finally, please be aware that RIDE's Office of Network & Information Systems (ONIS) has been upgrading the eRIDE Enrollment Census data collection to capture better student-level information. We are working closely with ONIS, moving towards collection of Title I & homeless data on an individual student basis through this system. This will allow us to collect more consistent data, analyze it more effectively, and aggregate and report the data to US ED directly - without having to collect the Local Performance Report in the future. We plan to provide training on this new data collection in the fall and hope to have this system fully operational for Title I & homeless education for the 2009-2010 collection. RIDE ONIS has upgraded the Enrollment Census data collection by requesting a limited set of Title I data which will be used to ensure data quality. In order for this to work properly, we will need your help. Please contact your district Data Manager as soon as possible to coordinate this data collection. Please make sure that the Data Manager has access to the information needed and that the data are being reported correctly, consistent with what is in the Local Performance Report. In the meantime, we still need the Local Performance Report to be submitted to us in a timely and accurate manner to capture the data we are required to report to US ED for this year. If you have any questions, please contact Jan, Colleen, or Kim for assistance in completing this report. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Joe Celani, on behalf of, Jan *************************** Jan Mermin Title I Education Specialist Rhode Island Dept. of Education 255 Westminster Street, 4th Floor Providence, RI 02903 ph: 401-222-4710 fax: 401-222-6030 ***************************