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6/15/2009  [RIDE] - important question on submitting rosters for Fall testing  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to inform you that RIDE has tried to negotiate with the other NE consortium States and the testing company for a later date so that all districts can use the 2009-10 Census to submit the current year rosters, but so far we have not been successful. My office has been asked again to collect the rosters by END OF JULY to ensure all test labels are printed in time for the Fall testing. There are still two options for RIDE to collect the rosters - one is to collect the next school for each student (schcode_next) using the current year 2008-09 Enrollment Census. This option works for districts that have not completed the school year 'rollover' by END OF JULY. The other approach is to collect the rosters for 2009-10 using the new Enrollment Census 2009-10 (not released yet). This option works for districts that have already completed the 'rollover' by END OF JULY. Either way, information has to be collected by end of July without any possible extensions in sight. We therefore ask you to timely respond to this question - Which of the two options your district is going to use to submit the data? Please email or call our helpdesk with your response -, 222-8957 Thank you!