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6/3/2009  [RIDE] - important information on EOY State reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Here are some important information about the End-of-Year reporting of student data. You may start completing the following submissions in any order, but generally we recommend you follow these steps. 1. first and foremost, keep your enrollment core records up-todate before you submit any of the following; 2. if you have not submitted the student address files in the last 30 days, you may want to submit another complete year-todate set of address records; 3. if you have not submitted any student discipline records, you need to submit a complete year-to-date file; summary reports of students who have been disciplined for the current and past years are being compiled, please take a look next time when you use the Enrollment Census. 4. if you have not submitted any student daily absence records in the last 30 days, you may want to make sure they are complete by EOY. Reports including the Truancy reports have been completed for your review and sign off by EOY. 5. student Membership (ADM) and attendance (ADA) days are critical for EOY reporting, please make sure they are completed and accurate. RIDE also calculates the ADM and ADAs (state caculated) based on your school calendar and daily absence records, they should be very close to what you submitted (district calculated). Membership and attendance data drive State Aid, reports have to be signed off for each school and district. 6. if needed, use the auto-fill feature for RIDE to complete IEP, LEP status and other fields. Click on Auto-Fill. 7. All remaining duplicates have to be resolved before sign off. 8. RIDE plans to extend the deadline for districts to submit the EIS and Title I, and Voc Ed related program services records, we will let you know when the new deadlines are posted. 9. RIDE will host a Webex session on next Monday June 8th to anwser any questions about the year-end reporting. Instructions to join this Webex session will be separately emailed. 10. Follow the general instructions inside the Enrollment Census for the latest. If you missed earlier communications on State reporting, please click on or follow this link - Contact help desk for more information or for technical support -, 295-9200 x5811, 222-8968 Thank you!