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6/1/2009  [RIDE] - additional instructions for reporting EIS  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
The following are additional instructions from Emily Klein at this morning's conference call on tracking and reporting students with EIS. Emily can be reached at 222-8985 or Thank you! "I understand the OSEP requirement for counting students who benefitted from PD provided to staff with EIS $ is extremely cumbersome for some districts. If this is true for your district, I would suggest in that case that you focus on reporting students who received specific academic (reading, writing, etc.) or behavioral interventions in this submission. As an alternative for this year’s reporting on students who benefitted from EIS dollars devoted to staff PD, clearly label and upload into the IDEA Part B related documents section a total count of students who benefitted from EIS $ by virtue of PD, how many of those students were referred to special education, and then how many were found eligible. In summary, direct service interventions would be reported in this June enrollment submission and one would have the option of reporting students who benefitted from EIS dollars devoted to staff PD in the CRP as an upload. This is not an either/or option as we do need to collect the direct service academic and behavioral interventions information in this submission."