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5/19/2009  [RIDE] - updating the annual graduates and dropouts data  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
In the last couple of weeks, we asked districts to review and update the 07-08 graduates and dropouts records by submitting the summer withdrawals in their 08-09 Census (click or follow this link for all latest communications on this reporting - We just found a few districts did the edits inside the 07-08 Census rather than by submitting the summer withdrawals. It's our mistake by leaving that feature open, it is however not the standard procedure. This edit feature for earlier years' census data has now been removed. Please keep in mind our over-night calculations take the following into account - Students initially reported as transfers to another public school/district in State in 07-08, but never re-enrolled in 08-09 - switched to unknown/dropout. Students initially dropped out but later re-enrolled - switched to transfer. Students completed graduation requirements in the summer - switched to graduate. If you are one of those districts mentioned above, please make sure you include these students in your summer withdrawals so that their exit status are correctly updated. For support, contact, 295-9200 x5817 I have already submitted these two annual reports to NCES for all districts and schools, but I plan to follow up with updated reports later this week. Please make sure you follow the instructions and submit any updates before the public sees them. If the numbers are changed, fax us another copy of the signed forms (222-4044). Thank you! Kenneth Gu, 222-8957,