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5/8/2009  Urgent - eRIDE now accepting absentee data  Derick Ariyam 
Dear Colleagues, We would like to thank you for your assistance with the collection of absentee data this week. The Department of Health is extremely pleased with the response we have received from the Districts. Today we had data for 95% of public schools . We know that this represent a great deal of effort on your end and are greatly appreciative. We apologize for any confusion and stress that may have been caused earlier in the week. We are now ready to further automate this process. We have completed an eRIDE module, Emergency Attendance, which may now be used for the purposes of this collection. The module is an online form containing the same fields as we've requested this week. It has been pre-populated with a listing of your schools. Although we believe it to be intuitive, our helpdesk is prepared to answer any questions you may have. This is now the method of submitting this data. Everyone who currently has an eRIDE account has been granted access to this module. If you do not have an account or may have forgotten your account name or password, please contact Mario Goncalves at 401-222-8969. ALL correspondence regarding this data collection should be sent to It will be forwarded to the appropriate person. Thank You, Chris Poirier Database / Applications Developer Rhode Island Department of Education 401.222.8972