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5/8/2009  [RIDE] - latest on annual graduates/dropouts, please read  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Quite a few districts started resubmitting/fixing the summer withdrawal records, so the reports I sent to you yesterday are no longer current. Here is the simplifed process for you to complete the review process. 1. if you have already submitted the summer withdrawals for the 08-09 Enrollment Census, please verify they are accurate and complete. The summer withdrawals should show up in your Submission Status report in Enrollment Census. 2. almost all districts have summer withdrawals, if you have not submitted any, all un-reported exits are coded as dropouts (e.g., a student was expected to re-enroll for 0809, but there is no actual enrollment.) 3. after you fix the summer withdrawals, verify the graduates and dropouts reports for 0708 inside the Enrollment Census. Please note these reports are not updated until the following. I will no longer email you the reports in Excel. 4. Districts need to sign off these two reports by Friday May 15th. Although these two federal reports are not the same as the cohort graduation and dropout reports, they are closely related. If you complete this annual process, there will be much less work down the road when we work on the cohort reports. We have a pre-scheduled Webex session on State reporting on Monday 10am, please contact our helpdesk, 295-9200 x5817 if you want to participate. Again, please feel free to contact myself for any questions about these two reports. Thank you! Kenneth Gu, 222-8957,