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5/7/2009  [RIDE] - graudates/dropouts reported in current year Census  Dr. Ken Gu - LEA 
This message applies to districts who reported graduates in current year Census. If they are graduates for class of 2009, they should be coded as 'R' in enroll_type as 'regularly enrolled'. If they are graduates for class of 2008, they should be coded as 'W' in enroll_type as 'summer withdrawals'. For a listing of reported graduates, go into the current year Enrollment Census, select Graduates Report under Report Types, then click on the name of school or district. Another important report I'm compiling for USDE is the annual dropout report, defined as students enrolled in 07-08 but not enrolled in 08-09 minus transfers, graduates, deceased. Most districts submitted the summer withdrawals which listed the transfers, but if you have not submitted the summer withdrawals, all missing students from last year will be reported as dropouts. I will share the compiled reports with you by this Friday before they are submitted to USDE. Please feel free to contact myself for any questions. For technical support, contact our helpdesk, 295-9200, x5817 Thank you! Kenneth Gu, PhD 222-8957, RIDE