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5/6/2009  EMERGENCY ABSENTEE DATA -URGENT!  Derick Ariyam 
Dear Derick Ariyam An email to all Superintendents has been sent today from the Commissioner concerning the Department of Health's request that attendance must be submitted on a daily basis, and recieved by my Office no later than 1PM, in order for us to compiIe and transmit to DOH shortly after. This requirement has been deemed critical. Due to this request use of the current eRide enrollment census and ADTwill not be used to collect this specific data. This is the data that DOH requires everyday, submitted by 1PM to RIDE: Absent date School Code School Name School Level (Elementary, Middle, HS) Total Enrolled Total Absent FOR TODAY ONLY: A spreadsheet has been pre-populated with a listing of your district's schools. Please modify the date accordingly and populate the enrollment and number of students absent for the day.Your spreadsheet is available at the following location: Once completed please email the spreadsheet to: Spreadsheetsmust be submitted no later than 1:00 P.M. today Weare in the process of completing a new eRIDE module to simplify this process. FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS TO FOLLOW We apologize for the short notice. Thank you for your continued support and diligence regarding this important Public Health matter. -Ed Giroux