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4/21/2009  [RIDE] - enrollment census scheduled daily updated reports  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to follow up on the following summary reports pre-built for Enrollment Census - they are now being updated every night using the latest submitted data. The default snaphot date used will be the current date. You may still run the needed reports manually and use a different snapshot date as before. This is another one of those prepackaged runs which we hope will save you time. For districts that have already submitted the calendar, the daily attendance/absence data, this over-night procedure will automatically calculate the student membership, attendance and truancy reports (state calculated) which you can use to compare to what you submitted under ADM and ADA (district calculated). Call or email for any questions. Submission Report ADM - Districtrict Calculated Snapshot Report Graduates Report Dropouts Report Retention Report Student Mobility ADA - District Calculated Absence Excused Absence Un-excused ADM - State Calculated ADA - State Calculated Truancy Report