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4/7/2009  Invitation to use the ADT agent  Derick Ariyam 
Colleagues, As many of you already know, RIDE has recently released its Automated Data Transfer (ADT) application to Providence and Pawtucket districts for testing. The testing process has proven that the collection, validation and submission of data may be performed and automated. The application, written in-house, is accessible through a newly created eRIDE module. It is presently capable of accepting data for the Enrollment Census and Attendance collections. I am very pleased to announce that, with the help of Lou and Michael, we are now in production and ready to move forward to assist other Districts in using the ADT. My office is ready to work with Districts large or small. It's a great opportunity to be part of this project, that will ultimately lead to more timely and better quality data. I've asked Chris Poirier, my lead developer, and creator of the ADT, to work closely with interested Districts. He can be reached at, 222-8972. Sincerely, Ed Giroux Director of Network and Information Systems Rhode Island Department of Education