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3/24/2009  [RIDE] - submitting the daily absence data  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
The daily attendance component of the Enrollment Census has now been released and activated. you may now begin to submit the daily absence data for your district. For 2008-09, we are only requesting for the daily absences by individual students. Follow this link for a complete list of types of absences - For record layout and instructions, click on or follow this link - Use 2J to report unexcused absences. Use 2K to report absences with unknown reasons (2k will treated as unexcused when State draws data for analysis and reporting) Use 2L for absences excused but not matching the listed reasons Absence data will be used to calculate and validate the student membership and attendance data, student mobility and truancy rates. The best way to submit the daily attendance data is to use the State's automatic data transfer agent or DTA. We expect to run a WebEx session later this week for districts planning to use to tool to transfer the data. You must first complete the district calendar before you can submit any attendance data. If you have not completed the calendar, please do so at your earliest convenience. it only takes minutes to complete. For earlier communications on submitting the attendance data, please click on or follow this link - Call or contact our helpdesk for any questions -, 222-8968