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3/18/2009  [RIDE] - an update on School Calendar  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Congratulations on a few districts that have successfully completed the school calendar. A couple of known issues - 1. eRIDE is off by 1 day on total instructional days, ie., if it shows 179, it means 180. we are fixing that problem now. 2. except for a couple of districts your total instructional days should be 180. for students in year-round schools, we will ask you to flag those students in future enrollment submissions. most of these students should be outplaced in your '190' schools 3. the daily attendance/absence module has not been released yet, we will email-update you when it is activated. We will be accepting data on 'absences' by type of absences - minimally - 2J (cutting school), 2K (reason unknow) and 2L (excused - other). We also accept codes 2A-2I if available. For a complete list of absence codes, please click on this link -