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3/18/2009  [RIDE] - completing your district school calendar  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to inform you that you can set up your district's school calendar within Enrollment Census. It will only take minutes to complete. Here is how - 1. launch Enrollment Census (EC), click on School Calendar on your district page; 2. to initiate the calendar, fill in the first day and last day of instructional days when prompted, click on SET; 3. review the school holidays and other non-instructional days, click on any date to make a change. 4. confirm the number of instructional days (should be 180 for most districts), then you are done! RIDE will use the district school calendar to validate enrollments, attendance/absence, total student membership and attendance. Your enrollment submissions will not pass validations if your district calendar is not completed. Please report any problems to our help desk - or