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3/11/2009  Additional Data Warehouse classes  Scott Gausland - State 
I have scheduled 4 additional training classes for the RIDE Data Warehouse Ė PC Analyzer application for April. Many of you expressed an interest to take the class, but could not register as capacity in the classroom quickly filled up. I do not know if these extra classes will exceed demand. To account for that possibility, I need to institute a policy that requires that at least 4 people have registered for the workshop in order to continue with that session. If I do need to cancel the session, I will notify those folks that have registered for the session by email at least 24 hours ahead of time. To attend one of the workshops, you need to register online by clicking on the following link: The registration application is a module on eRide and thus requires an eRide login. If you do not have an eRide account you can create an account in the Workshop Registration system that will allow you to register for the class. You will need a userID and password to use the software in the class. This ID is not the same as your eRide ID that you used to register for the class. If you do not have a userID already, please send an email to the RINET helpdesk at to request an ID. You can also call at the helpdesk 401-295-9200 Option 1. Please include the following information: 1. Your full name (written as LastName, FirstName) 2. Your district or school to which you belong 3. Your email address Donít hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thank You. Scott Gausland 401-222-8960