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3/3/2009  [RIDE] - an update on reporting daily attendance  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is in response to questions raised by couple of districts about the upcoming report of student daily attendance. 1. Who is asking for the information? Response - This is a State reporting requirement for crisis management, data warehouse and accounting for student membership and attendance. 2. Do we need to report students that are present every day? Response - No, we will rely more and more the updated Enrollment Census and the 'daily absence' list to figure out students present in the building on any given day. 3. What is a minimal set that we need to submit in order to comply for 2008-09? Response - students who are absent by dates. 4. What if we don't collect the absence types? Response - use code '2K' for now, other codes when available. 5. How often do we need to report? Response - as often as can be scheduled and automated, the goal is daily when automated transfer is implemented. For a full list of absence codes, click or follow this link -