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3/3/2009  [RIDE] - latest on Enrollment Census 3/3/2009  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to inform you that RIDE has completed the extraction of student rosters for the upcoming NECAP science assessment. There were still a couple of duplicate enrollment records in the file as of 2/28/2009, we had to resolve by keeping the most current enrollments as of that date. We also want to update you a new function we just added to the Duplicate resolution page, an 'email notification' feature that allows to send customizable emails to selected districts with whom you have duplicate enrollments. We ask you to use this function to notify the outstanding districts of the remaining duplicates on your list and request their immediate attention. Duplicates will be attached in the email automatically, names of students have been however removed for security reasons. In the past, you had to contact each district one at a time which can be very time consuming if you have hundreds of duplicates with dozen other districts. This function allows you to automatically email all affected districts you had duplicates with in a matter of seconds. You can also select and unselect the districts you want to email, subject and body of the email are also customizable. One caution though - please do NOT use this function if you have not resolved the duplicates on your end. This 'email notification' function is on the upper right courner of the duplicate list table. Please contact support for any questions. Thanks., 295-9200, 222-8968