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2/26/2009  [RIDE] - rosters for Spring State Assessment  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
We are in the final stage building the rosters for the upcoming Science assessment. We ask you to keep the Enrollment Census as up todate and as accurate as possible. Here is a checklist - 1. have you added the recently enrolled students since the last submissions; 2. have you exited students that have left your district since the last submissions; 3. have you resolved the remaining duplicates; 4. have you reviewed the records where students' name, dob and gender are different from the State's SASID system; 5. have you reviewed students' program status and should they be in sync with the State's IEP, LEP census? 6. have you reviewed the summary reports and are they consistent with historical trends? The snapshot date will be 2/28/2009, students in grade 4, 8 and 11 will be extracted and shipped for test labeling and the subsequent ayp related anayses. As we informed you in recent emails, any unresolved duplicates will be 'resolved' by the Census system with the built-in protocals. Inconsistent and outdated student records will result in students test booklets and results being mis-coded. Thank you for your time and efforts for keeping the Census up todate and clean. for questions, contact support @, 295-9200, 222-8957