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2/24/2009  [RIDE] - reporting stents enrolled in CTC through Enrollment Census  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Please follow the posted instructions to report students enrolled in CTC. Instructions on reporting students enrolled in Career and Technical Centers (CTC): 1. This includes all students who are enrolled in one of the following career and technical centers: �� 06123 Career & Technical Center at Coventry HS �� 07132 Cranston Area Career & Technical Center �� 10130 E. Providence Area & Career Technical Center �� 21117 New Port Area Career & Technical Center �� 28178 Textron Chamber of Commerce Academy �� 35140 Warwick Area Career & Technical Center �� 39127 Woonsocket Area Career & Technical Center �� 98102 Chariho Area Career & Technical Center 2. These CTC-bound students should be reported in the high school they are enrolled in for core instruction (ela/math); often times, the CTC is housed in a high school in another district (e.g., some Burrillville resident students may be tuitioned out to Woonsocket Area CTC housed inside the Woonsocket High School). 3. The DISTCODE will be the reporting district code (in the current example will be 39 - Woonsocket); 4. The SCHCODE will be the high school they are attending for core instruction (e.g., 39123 for Woonsocket HS); 5. The DISTCODE_RES will be the sending/resident district code (see Attached); 6. The SCHCODE_OUT will be blank because it is not applicable; 7. The CTECHCTR will be the CTC code they are attending for CT Services (e.g., 39127 for Woonsocket Area CTC).