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2/3/2009  eRIDE TA Survey – Due by Feb. 27, 2009  Derick Ariyam 
This year, RIDE will continue to conduct an annual survey of local TA Policy and Practice by way of eRIDE. The survey questions are essentially the same as in the past and should take you no more than 10-15 minutes to complete in most instances. To make survey completion faster for you, copies of all prior TA surveys submitted by your district/program are in the eRide system for you to easily access. This year, Peggy Hayden will be coordinating this survey and will be your contact if you have questions. Here are instructions for survey completion: 1. Begin by going to the eRIDE homepage: 2. Login with your eRIDE user ID and password. a. If you have forgotten or lost the email you received, you can recover your ID and Password by clicking on the “Login/Password Lookup” link on the eRide homepage. b. If you continue to have trouble retrieving your login, please contact the RIDE helpdesk at: / 222-8968 3. Click on the icon entitled “Teacher Assistant Survey” 4. Once you enter the main Survey module, you should see –-if applicable—a grid of downloadable past surveys, as well as a section entitled “Current Survey Status”. 5. Under “Current Survey Status” click on the “Create New” link to fill out the current school year survey. 6. Fill out the questions—displayed one question at a time—using the check-buttons and textboxes, and after each question click the “next” button to move forward, or the “previous” button to move to a prior question. 7. You do not have to complete the survey at one sitting; you may click the “Save and Complete” button at anytime to save your current responses, and complete the survey at a later time. 8. Once you have completed the survey, you must signify that you are done by clicking on the “Sign Off” button which will appear on the main TA Survey page—the same page with the listing of Past Surveys. 9. Once you click on the “Sign Off” button you will not be permitted to make any further changes to the survey. If you inadvertently click on the Sign Off button, please contact Peggy Hayden, 253-3275. 10. The process is now complete. If you wish, you may view and print a copy of the survey for your records by clicking on the “view” link, which should now be visible. The survey is due by February 27, 2009. The system will compile statewide information into a report that will be coordinated by RIDE staff and will appear on the TA website, About Us Webpage at after surveys from all TA Contacts are received. FYI, the statewide report provides aggregated information – not individual program information. Thank you in advance for completing this survey.