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1/29/2009  [RIDE] - keeping the Enrollment Census up to-date  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This urgent memo is sent to all district superintendents, data and IT managers/directors, State reporting and eRIDE coordinators - reminding you that you need to keep the State Enrollment Census up to-date before we extract the enrollment and student demographics for the upcoming NECAP Science assessment. The due date is first week of Feb. Late yesterday afternoon we emailed each district a copy of the weekly status report of the Census, highlighted the number of records submitted, number of duplicate records were found as well as number of records with demographic differences. We requested enrollment records to kept up-to-date, enrollment duplicates and any demographic errors to be resolved as quickly as possible. RIDE so far has provided over 1/2 dozen workshops and trainings in the last 30 days and we expect to offer more sessions on regular basis. We strongly encourage you to contact our support desk if you needed help submitting the data. You may also request for customized online workshops and if you would like, our support staff will offer on-site workshops. If you are district superintendent or school director, please verify with your data or IT manager, or staff responsible for State enrollment reporting if your district is in compliance with the State's request. If you are out-of-compliance, please contact our support desk immediately. Support desk -, 295-9200 option #1 For general questions about this reporting -, 222-8968 Thank you.