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1/28/2009  [RIDE] - enrollment census status/maintenance report  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to inform you that we will be sending you the current status report on enrollment census. This will be your weekly status update/maintenance report on number of records submitted to-date, number of duplicate enrollment records, # of records with differences in students' name, date of birth and gender when compared to the State's SASID system, date when records were last updated and when last summary reports were generated. In that maintenance report, we will highlight the critical use of the data, along with instructions, contact information for support and technical assistance, and tips for best practices. We hope this status report will be helpful in assisting you to keep the Census up-todate and as accurately as humanly can. Please direct all questions and suggestions about this maintenance report to myself or to our help desk -, 222-8957 Thank you! Kenneth Gu, PhD ONIS, RIDE