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1/23/2009  [RIDE] - final graduation rates calculated  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
As of noon Jan 22nd, all district edits to the cohort data were considered as final, cohort graduation and dropout rates have been calculated and some submitted as part of the State Performance Plan to USED. We will submit the numbers for AYP analyses and public release in the next few days. You may download the rates online by clicking or following the links below. Cohort 2005 rates - Cohort 2004 with 5th year graduation rates - Any further edits or changes need to go through a petition process where the request has to be in writing and directly from the superintendent's office. The letter also needs to address issues that resulted the errors or missing the deadlines for final edits. Any data change requests may take upto two weeks to take effect and may result in a delay in public reporting, school classification and public funding. Formal requests for changes should be sent to: Edward Giroux Office of Nework and Information Services Department of Elementary and Secondary Education 255 Westminster St, 5th FL Providence, RI 02903 For questions on how the rates are calculated, please click or follow this link - Please feel free to contact myself for any questions regarding this message. Thank you! Kenneth Gu, PhD, 222-8957