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1/23/2009  [RIDE] - collecting & reporting students' race/ethnicity under new federal guidance  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to inform you that the packet packet on collecting and reporting students' race and ethnicity under the new federal standards is now in the mail to the district superintendent's office. You may download and preview this packet online by clicking on or following this link -ðnicity%20package%20to%20Sups.pdf This packet includes the commissioner's letter to the superintendents, policy questions and the State guidance on implementation. To ensure successful transition to this new system of data collection and reporting, we ask you to identify a key person or office to be in charge of conducting an inventory of existing data and to identify the data sets that need to be updated with the new race and ethnicity data. This person will be responsible for working with us regarding the development of policies and procedures to implement the new federal standards. On Thursday Feb 5th, RIDE will rollout the final guidance and implementation procedures at RINET. We ask the key district personnel in charge of this transition to attend this meeting. Call RINET 295-9200 for directions. Coffee and some refreshments will be provided. Meeting starts at 9am. Registration to this meeting is REQUIRED. Click on Trainings and Workshops on eRIDE to register. Call or email myself for any questions. Kenneth Gu, PhD 222-8957,