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1/14/2009  [RIDE] - enrollment census application delivered   Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to let you know that RIDE has deployed the new Enrollment Census application to your eRIDE portal and personnel in your district who used to have State Reporting in their portal. The access level remained unchanged. We strongly ask you to review the current access level to this application for each user and make necessary changes. For the latest updates and changes to this reporting and application and questions, please join our Webex session this morning at 11. Many of the functions we added are new, so please make every effort to join this one-hour session. And for the first time, you can follow the session with live student data in your district. We ask you to sign up for this and any other future webEx sessions by clicking on the Trainings/Workshops link on eRIDE. Please email or call our helpdesk should you experience any problems using the application -, 222-8968. Thank you, hope you can join us at 11.