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12/17/2008  [RIDE] - last call on fall reporting, please read!  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is another, hopefully final reminder to all district data managers that IF you have NOT completed the following fall reports and unless we see the signed off reports by next Monday, our help desk staff WILL call the superintendent's office. These reports were due exactly a month ago. Please login to eRIDE, click on the reports and see if your district has completed them. 1. Non-certified staff reports - all LEAs including Charters and State schools. 2. At-home instructed students - all regular districts 3. June graduating class - all LEAs with graduating class 4. Fall enrollment reports - all submitted, but a few still have not sent us the signoff forms. We will be scheduling WebEx sessions for next week on the Winter data collections. Please make sure you check your emails for dates and instructions. Thank you! Help Desk -, 222-8968, 295-9200